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VMware VCP and VCA certification can help boost career and opportunities available


Every year millions of professionals are churned out of various institutions each of them clamoring for the few available positions. For the employed few chances for promotion come by and having even the slightest advantage over your colleagues can be advantageous in your ascent. With VMware Certifications, you can get the extra crucial skill to not only help in your promotion but also in your day to day IT life. VMware prides itself in staying up to date on numerous technology aspects and ensuring this expertise is passed down to our clients.

What is VCP?

Whether you are an expert or a newbie, there are several certification levels that VMware Certifications will offer you to advance your career. The levels are the VCA, VCP, VCAP and the VCDX.

VMware Certified Professional

The VCA enable your understanding of digital enterprise revolution and how they are influenced by virtualization ideas. Upon completion you get certified to show that you have an understanding of VMware products. VCA is best suited for newbies and managers as well who seek to make and implement decisions about VMware solutions within the Cross-Cloud Architecture.

VCP on the other hand involves installation, management, configuration and optimization of VMware solutions. This certification is more industry-oriented and with it you will get recognition by bringing value to your enterprise. With its certificate you will have demonstrated you have the ability to manage and troubleshoot VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation solutions.

VCP Certification

VMware VCP Certification is the most popular among the four levels due to its direct influence in offering reliable and feasible solutions. The more than 100,000 VCP-certified personnel around the globe speak volumes of its growing significance. You can get your VCP certificate by a little commitment and following the next steps.

a) Being conversant with vSphere 6

b) There are several courses offered and it is a prerequisite to attend one of them. These courses include installation, configuration, management, scaling, troubleshooting of the VMware vSphere among others.

c) After attending the courses and familiarizing yourself you will be required to pass one of the foundation exams. There are two exams: the vSphere 6 Foundations and the vSphere 6.5 Foundations. You will be required to answer 60 to 70 questions in about two hours and with the extensive training available rest assured this will be a walk in the park. Each of these examinations will be charged at $125 only.

VCP DCV Exam and other exams

d) The last step is doing the VMware Certified Personnel 6-Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV) and VCP desktop and mobility exam. This includes a 2-hour examination with 85 questions at an affordable fee of $250 only.

VCP Certification Prerequisites

There are also various badges that are awarded by VMware after successful completion of various tasks. They include Data Center Virtualization, VCP NV Price. Network Virtualization, Cloud Management, and Automation, Digital Business Transformation, Desktop and Mobility among others. These badges are also quite essential for your career growth. Your expertise, skills, and qualifications are pooled together making it easier to showcase them. The digital badges also give you a valid way to verify your VMware expertise to your colleagues, clients or boss as well as through social media platforms.

Getting a vcp dcv and vcp nv certification has various perks that will greatly influence your career path as well as your output to your clients. Other merits include:

•Permission for the usage of the certification logo.
•Digital badges.
•Lower fees to any VMware events.
•Lower fees from VMware Press.
•Exclusive offers to beta classes and examinations.
•Greater advancement and acknowledgment in your career.
•Official transcripts.

VMware and Amazon Web Services Alliance (AWS)

This crucial partnership between VMware and AWS could not have come at a better time.

VCP Cost:

Clients will now be able adopt hybrid cloud which will in effect lessen the costs while having a more extensive reach. This will further have a unique impact on the present IT investments. The AWS and VMware solutions are increasingly being adopted for greater flexibility and international deployment of solutions to prevent any future overload. Getting a VMware certification also puts you in a path to offer consistent and achievable solutions for the future.

For an affordable fee you can register, enroll, train and get certified for VMware VCP and join the few other certified professionals. Getting certified gives you an edge over your colleagues and a gift to your clients by being up-to-date with the latest technologies and business solutions. Sooner or later, you will be in for good perks because of your unique approach and digital aptitude.

You can find VCP Login here:


VCP VMware certified professional pdf download can be found within the authorized VMware website.

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